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Thread: <Colossus> Raiding Guild with mature, social and committed players [lvl 29] 2/3 BoS

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    Default <Colossus> Raiding Guild with mature, social and committed players [lvl 29] 2/3 BoS

    Hi there, since Rift Prime was released we've seen a slight decline in committed players and have at times struggled to get a full raid together. We therefore would like to fill these ranks once more and grow back to success.

    Colossus has been around for a long while (we're a level 29 guild). We're considered a large guild in the guild finder and our officers/guild master have been around since the hay days.

    Our player base is made up of mature, social and committed folks. We come from all across the world, though at a guess most of us are predominantly from Scandinavia. We also have a healthy mix of female and male players.

    Currently we are at 2/3 bosses in Bastion of Steel and have been for the last month. This really should be at 3/3 (as the 2nd is clearly the hardest), but lack of numbers on other raid days have restricted this.

    If you're looking for a successful and knowledgeable raiding guild but are also seeking the challenge of progress then Colossus would be perfect for you.

    As a somewhat self appointed PR guy for Colossus I have come to seek far and wide for the interests of other players. I have also created a website and discord channel (very new) for you to gaze your eyes upon, though we often use TS to communicate within raids.

    Website: www.colossusrift.enjin.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/rqcphV

    TeamSpeak: flavell.teamspeak.rehab

    You can simply apply using the guild finder in game, whisper myself or any other officer in game, or reply to this thread. We are very welcome to all players, though we are of course in need of players who want to raid.

    You may also want to apply via the website if you prefer a more official and in depth approach. Finally; don't be scared to pop on discord or TS to have a chat before you decide!

    Much appreciated,
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