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Thread: Returning Player looking for some friends

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    Default Returning Player looking for some friends

    Hello there! As the title says, I am a returning player looking for some friends to have some fun with. I played Rift back at launch, but got dragged back into WoW. I'm in a bit of a lull with my current MMO (FFXIV) so I thought I would give Rift a go again. I've been having fun for the past few days, but it's been a bit lonely. I have a random mix of Guardians/Defiants of various levels- highest being 40ish? I have no idea how to play most of them. I hit things with sticks and heal faces.

    What I'm looking for-
    • Friendly folks
      Enjoys running dungeons/leveling
      Casual and helpful sorts
      Maybe some RP?

    What you'll get-
    A healer who enjoys long walks through dark and scary dungeons. Also has a decent sense of humor and doesn't take the game too seriously because this is pretendy fun times pixel land. Enjoys a bit of RP on occasion, but pretty casual there as well.

    So anyway, TL;DR- Friendly healer looking for friendly people to have fun with while killing imaginary dragons.

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    Gaiscioch has nice people. Can look us up.

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