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Thread: {PRIME-Vigil} <Organized Chaos> All Player Types Welcome!

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    Talking {PRIME-Vigil} <Organized Chaos> All Player Types Welcome!

    What is gaming without a little bit of chaos?

    We are a guild of experienced gamers looking to play and also build a community. We are experienced progression raiders coming from Star Wars the Old Republic, but many of us have played multiple other MMOs.

    Most of us are new to Rift but are ready to get established on the new Vigil server. We are looking to recruit anyone interested in end-game progression raiding, but we are also actively social in Discord. Anyone is welcome in this guild, from casual players to mid/hard-core progression raiders. We only ask that you come willing to socialize and be ready to laugh and have fun with new friends. We have found that guild members really get the most out of the guild by being social/active in Discord, so please don't be shy and join us! https://discord.gg/xyxfxB

    Most of the players in this guild currently are located in North America, so PST, EST and CST time zones apply. Specific raid times have not been chosen.

    We are currently leveling toons and would love for you to join us in game!

    If you are interested you can message me here or in game on Kat or Katatiana. You can also contact our GM on Xillin or Ithinor in game.
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