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Thread: Mistakes Were Made <Greybriar>

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    Default Mistakes Were Made <Greybriar>

    Mistakes Were Made & we're not afraid to say it We're a level 29 helpful & friendly Guild looking for like minded Casual players as well as Raiders to join our family! Our raid team's 1/3 T2 we're looking for a T2 ready Warrior as well as a dps /support. We raid Tues/Thurs 5:30pm - 8:00 pm server time (8:30-11 pm EST)
    PM me or Bushrat@Greybriar in game for more info thanks & happy Rifting
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    Reach me in Rift Kristl@Greybriar Guild Leader of Mistakes Were Made

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    I have always liked your guild name.. Very cool name!
    OneButton (Half-way now to becoming a two-button player!)
    If there is anything you need, just ask, and I will tell you how to get along Without it!
    "One button raider for life!"

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