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Thread: Looking for casual PvE guild

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    Default Looking for casual PvE guild


    I'm a returning player, haven't played in many years now. I'm looking to come back, starting from scratch with a new toon. I'm seeking a mature-focused, active guild to join. Any shard is fine.

    I am a PvE player, who enjoys all aspects of PvE play in MMOs: Questing, leveling, achievments, crafting, dungeons, and raiding.

    It seems that Rift is a lot...quieter..since I played many moon ago. Is there an active guild who fits my goals? If so, please let me know who/how to contact.

    Thank you.

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    Hey Francisco, I think that we might be a good fit for you. Our guild is <Nordvegr> on Faeblight, and we've been around in Rift since vanilla. Our main focus is raiding, but I usually describe the raiding atmosphere as "killing new bosses at a reasonable pace, without resorting to raging in voip or naming/shaming individuals." We run multiple raid teams, and are happy to help new raiders gear up and learn the fights and specs that are useful to run.

    In addition to raids, though, we have a large number of guildies who are really into achievements, crafting, gearing alts, and other things. Many of our guildies have been around in the game and/or in the guild for several years and are knowledgeable and willing to help out and answer questions.

    The only way we might not be a great fit perhaps, from what you wrote, is if you're looking for a guild that runs a lot of pre-70 leveling content. While there's a few alts in-guild that are not yet 70, and people are still usually willing to help out or give tips on efficient ways to get XP, we don't really run much below-70 content as a guild (aside from old achievement runs and such). But unless you're focused on taking a while on the journey to max level, probably would not be a problem!

    If you're interested, you can contact me Serein@Faeblight or anyone else from our guild's leadership: Lizbit, Coelz, Eilani, Lexsa, and Kalelx (all @Faeblight). If your new toon is on Faeblight still, you can also just do /who Nordvegr and just send a message to anyone and ask for an officer, they'll point you in the right direction!

    Either way, welcome back to Rift!
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