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Thread: <Disturbance> #1 EQ2 TLE guild recruiting for Rift PRIME!

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    Default [PRIME]<Disturbance> #1 EQ2 TLE guild recruiting for Rift PRIME!

    <Disturbance> from the Everquest 2 Time-Locked Expansion server (EQ's version of classic/vanilla/prime) is coming to Rift Prime! We were the #1 guild on Stormhold for 6 TLE expansions in a row. We're looking to play a bit more casually than we did in Everquest 2, while we wait for Pantheon's release. Basically, we're a group of people that goes around playing broken versions of dead games and somehow happen to be the best of the worst.

    While we have a few members that also played Rift in it's Vanilla days, we're a guild with 100% background in Everquest 2, so at this time, we're only looking to take on a few more ex-EQ2 players.

    Raid nights are looking to be 2-3 a week and some time in the PST range even though a lot of us are in the EST time zone. If the competition is real and the hype builds up in Rift, those raid nights could be expanded, but mostly we're just looking to chill and kill in another rebirth of a dead game.

    We've got about 20-25 people interested so far, but we'd like to take on a few more EQ2 friends. https://discord.gg/xSzj28t Message me as Onra/Slaravok and let me know what your EQ2 name and guild was either from original EQ2 or TLE.

    Again, this is for RIFT PRIME only. We have 0 interest in ever playing on Rift Live and when the Prime server ends, we'll be moving on.
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    A few members that played Vanilla Rift my ***. As I recall, you have a few members that were at the tip of the spear with soul development, raid stray development and *** kicking in general.

    Some perspective here, these guys as casual = kill everything as fast as possible while not using bed pans.

    In EQ2 TLE they killed mobs that had to be nerfed two or three times before any other guild could kill it. They claimed disco on 22 of the 24 epic weapons, missing two simply because they didn't have any alts or casual players of those classes.

    If you are good, and want to be "casual" but still kill stuff, this is the guild you are looking for. Be warned though, if you suck..... They will tell you straight up. Best bet, don't suck and app to them.
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    Default Interview?

    Hello I run a blog, Vengeancetanking.wordpress.com. I'm trying to get a hold of Kijathemage for a possible interview about his server 1st 50! Please let me know if they are interested. I'm also interested in interviewing anyone at max level, preferably pushing content, to see their impressions of current endgame on rift prime.


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