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Thread: Guardian Leveling Guild Wanted

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    Default Guardian Leveling Guild Wanted

    I am returning to Rift after a very long absence. I never raided or participated much when i played. Now a friend and i are leveling together. We are looking for a friendly leveling guild so that we can have others to do dungeons with and experience the multiplayer portions of this MMO. The big issue is that we have never experienced these dungeons and would like to run things with people that will explain and teach us. We may be new to this MMO, but have quite a bit of experience in others. We are looking to be productive members of a guild and not just looking for people to run us through stuff. We are both in EST time zone. We are both over 18. We don't mind some adult conversation, but that isn't what we are all about.
    My friend is playing a Cleric Tank, and i'm playing a Primalist DPS.

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    Just out of curiosity, why a Guardian leveling guild? Since you never specifically stated, I'm assuming you haven't played since vanilla. The factions became neutral during the Storm Legion expansion, so outside of the one PvP shard and Warfronts, they don't matter anymore. Guardians and Defiants can be guilded together and play with each other without any restrictions.

    As far as leveling guilds go - When you get out of the starter zone, you're automatically placed in a guild with other people around your level. You can leave it at your own accord anytime you want of course and it's mainly just there for the reasons you're looking for one.

    It's also worth joining the community discords if you have any other questions. There's a lot of helpful and friendly people.

    Ghar Station - https://discord.gg/uVx7aH5
    Hereoes of Telara - https://discord.gg/4w3wPeV

    The links should work, but if they don't then you can easily find them in the search with the names above. Hope that all helps.

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    Thanks for all of the great info! I guess it is pretty obvious that it has been quite a while since i have played, and even longer since i have done anything as a group. My friend and i are looking to experience the content that the game has to offer, but we just just don't have experience. My friend tanks and i dps. We could join the grp finder, but we have no idea what is going on with the dungeons. We are looking for a guild where we can learn about this game. In time we will be at max level and wanting to raid. Same problem. We don't know anything about anything. What should we be running? How do we run that? We want a guild where we can learn so we can contribute. I tried the "Join starter guild" path. There was 1 other person in the guild lol. I tried the looking for guild, but which of the 134 pages of guilds is a good fit for me.
    So i guess, to be a little more specific than my initial post, we are looking for a guild that:
    - Is willing to take on some inexperienced Rift players, but experienced in other MMO.
    - Is willing to take on some players that want to learn so they can contribute.
    - Is casual.
    - Is friendly.
    - Is mature, but not vulgar.
    - Is active in end game raids, but isn't militant.
    - Is active in the lower levels so that we can run things as we are leveling.
    - Is active weekday evenings from about 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm eastern time
    - Is active on the weekends from about 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm eastern time and some time during the afternoons.
    That is all that i can think of now. I guess all of this should have been in my first post.
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