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Thread: Mage LF raiding guild

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    Default Mage LF raiding guild

    Hi, Mage looking for a guild here. I am willing to transfer to any shard, my available play times are 10:15/10:30ish pm est to 1am est. I work retail, so I can be available before that on some days but it really just depends on how my work schedule works out.

    I am looking for a guild that raids Sunday- Thursday, 2 days a week. I do not want to raid more than that. I am also looking for a guild where most people are not easily offended b/c I tend to run my mouth a lot lol.

    I have experience in all of T1 and 2/3 BoS. I am multispecc and I usually do not stand in the red circle for the dps buff.

    If you would like to see if I could possibly be a good fit for your guild, you can PM me on here or whisper me ingame Buffypaprika@deepwood BUT I have been sick for the past 3 weeks, I may not be on for a few more days while I recover. Thanks!
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