Dim Wits guild is currently recruiting dimension artists to join a relatively new, small suburb of the Dimension Addicts community. Started in 2016. Currently leveling Rank 5 and gaining. Most of the time is spent building with "alts" and picking up the non-PvP guild quests.
We have 5 bank tabs and two dozen sorted storage keys full of items to create your home space and to share with others looking to trade items and ideas.
If you are already part of the dimensionaddicts@deepwood or dimensionaddicts@zaviel community and have tourist characters on Greybriar you should join Dim Wits guild today!
We also have a priority chat channel, just in case we are playing alts that play the game content, to get all the Trophy and Notoriety unlocks done, too.
/join dimwits@greybriar chat and send us an invitation request to get access to more than 20k dimension items and other guild perks as we grow.