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    I am looking for a guild that is active and has a voice chat. I am looking for a guild that does raid ( I am still working on eternal weapon and all that fun stuff) as well as do activities as a group. Please let me know if that is you. I am available a lot during the week. I am level 70 mage and I do have healing, dps, and support specs ( though working on improving all of them). Willing to transfer, so that is not a problem. I just want a nice group of people to play rift with. If you have room please send me a message, thank you!!!

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    Hey there, you should look into <Last Alliance> Currently building a raid team, has between 20 and 30 people on at all times, Discord, Website, all the works to stay connected. Level 19 guild currently, but doing all guild quests weekly to get to 30 soon, all bank vaults open, perks to help you level and gain extra currency, notoriety, favor, etc.. Search Last Alliance on guild finder.

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