Level 18 guild @Gelidra

Currently looking for raiders and Casuals
Apply by sending a wisp to Valcury@gelidra

About us:
ArmyOfTheDead is a semi-new social raiding guild and was formed in June 2017 we are a Raid and casual guild, we are mature and enjoy what we do.
we except no trolls and do not tolerate any form of bullying

Current guild activities Most from 6pm server time ( this time could be flexible) as we are an evening guild

* raids (schedule is re-optimized regularly depending on needs of guildies)

We are at early stages on Raids and raid +- 2 times per week also we raid 1 time per week for new under geared members
We schedual Crafting rifts when needed

* Guild activities

At this moment we are unsure on guild activities to suit casuals and have added 1 pvp night per week

About You:
Any level, class, or faction, are welcome. You can join while still levelling and become a raider or remain Casual. Gear can be farmed with necessary dedication and some support from guild mates.

Raider (open).
- be ready to participate in most of the raids (that doesn't mean all - everyone understands that every once in a while there are other matters to tend to or that some specific day per week might not suit you);
- Have listening skills to listen to raid leader
- be understanding and friendly to other players
- be able to do multi specs
- have TeamSpeak (at least to listen);

Guilds main need for raids at the moment is tanks

Still progressing / Casual guildies. We welcome every friendly person into our guild and would be glad to see You participating in discussions or guild activities every once in a while.

For an inv contact Valcury@gelidra by mail/guild finder/ and or whisper