Last Alliance Gaming is an online multi-gaming community. The theory behind calling it that is we play a variety of games. Last Alliance Gaming plays many games and genres such as; MMO, FPS, Survival, Creative, RTS, MOBA, and more. The objective is to greate a community of gamers from around the world to come together and find a place where they can find new friends to game with, or open their mind to new games. We are always adding new games to our community, and always welcoming new gamers to be apart of our community. We are not a clan or a guild, we are a community, which means this isn't the only place you are allowed to go. We allow members to join clans or guilds, we are a place based around gaming, not owning membership. Our ranks and titles are for the community for moderator and admin and devotion to the community, because membership in the community is what makes us a community.

In the future we hope to take LaG and make it bigger and better, as everything can be improved. We are looking to have both casual, and hardcore gamers alike, come together to game and just have fun.

There are some basic rules we wish all members to abide by which are as follows!

1.All applicants must be 18 years old or older.
2.No trash talking. This isn't to say you can't have a bit of a friendly banter with people. You can, but you will NOT insult other people's families, accuse someone of cheating, or call out any other random ******** comments. LaG is a mature clan, and we expect our members to behave in a respectable fashion. Respect your teammates.
3.No cheating/hacking/glitching. This community does not condone the use of any dishonest methods of gameplay. We don't care if you use the ammo cheat on zombies, or the weapons cheat on GTA or any other single player game. However you will NOT cheat in multiplayer games. People suspected of cheating are liable to be removed from the clan immediately.

You can follow us on any social media outlet as well!

Current Games we are Supporting!

We currently have a Discord server up for our gamers to communicate, details can be found on our website. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me or stop by our forums and ask.