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Thread: LF guild on EST

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    Default LF guild on EST

    Just returned to Rift after taking a break from WOW. My old Rift guild is gone and i'm looking to get back in to a casual raiding guild. I live in EST so that would be great to find someone with a close schedule to work with.

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    Hi Fifty,

    I am sorry to hear your old guild isn't still around. If you don't hear back from anyone please feel free to consider us. Typically our guild is most active from about 7pm server time on but we are starting to get more EST players, so that is shifting a little.
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    Default Returning

    Consider FANG. Ive created the guild with new and returning players in mind, myself being a returning player from just after SL. Weve got a couple folks on CST, and several of us work graveyard and have an EST-ish play time. We’ve got crafters, dimensioneers, and there will be folk around to help you get back up to speed. We use Discord for voice and Band for everything info related.

    Kesuai leader of FANG

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    <Last Alliance> on Deepwood is on EST. We have close to 1000 members, and usually have 20 to 30 online at all times. We are building our raid team currently, but always have people in dungeons, questing, etc.. We have a Discord to talk to other guildies, and a website to organize events. We are currently level 19 but doing all guild quests weekly to reach level 13 fast! Check us out on the Deepwood guild finder, simply search Last Alliance!

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