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Thread: Returning Player looking for home

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    Default Returning Player looking for home

    Hey there I'm looking to get back into playing rifts but I remember next to nothing about the game and will need some help to get rolling again. I have a 65 rogue on the guardian side but I'm not overly picky about who I play with. My biggest things are I love healing, tanking, and support never been much of a dpser. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hi Taonna,

    Welcome back to Rift! If you do not mind shard hopping, please consider joining Grievance. We can help you get back up to speed and ready for the end-game. We are social and often spend time chatting in TeamSpeak about game stuff or whatnot. Starting at 65 you are in for several weeks to a month of grind to before being ready to raid. That is mostly for gear over exp as getting to 70 should only take a few days at most.
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    If you are on faeblight, we can snag you in in Dawn of Terror. Whisper Sutra@faeblight in game.
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    <Last Alliance> on Deepwood would be perfect for you! We are currently level 19 guild, but doing all guild quests weekly to quickly reach level 30. We have usually 20 to 30 people online at all times. We offer a Discord for talking to other guildies, a Website to organize events, and have all the perks to gain extra currency, favor, notoriety, etc.. Check us out on the Deepwood guild finder simply search Last Alliance!

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