ladies and gentledragons. rossolon here and i just started a guild of my own called power rangers. i made this guild to celebrate 24 years of sabans #1 kids tv show. unlike other guilds there is no chatting app needed and you can contribute at your own pace this guild is very new and i just got back into rift because i got a new router so im hoping not to have disconnection issues. im always on the lookout for wisdom and advice so if your guild is well known in the rift community pleas by all means post good guild running advice here or mail me advice in game. i havent got the tweaks and i am working on a guild dimension so im improving my guild slowly but people arent joining and most people i meet are already in a guild. if you are new and you love power rangers join my guild and choose your ranger rank they all have the same privelidges. then work your way up to ultrazord. as you all know there is only one zordon and since i made the guild im the only one thats zordon rank. lets celebrate the number kids tv show in ameerica together. go go power rangers