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Thread: FANG is recruiting.

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    Default FANG Returning guild looking for new/returning players

    Old players returning? New just starting out and need a guild to hang they're hat? I've come back after a two-ish year break and brought some friends along for the ride. If your new, or like me and have been bitten by the RIFT bug again, come talk with us. FANG is not for hard-core raiding (yet, maybe down the road when we all remember how and get enough like minded folk). PvE, Pvp if you like, dungeons, world events, grinding, puzzles, what have you, we are currently doing. FANG already has crafting abilities and a guild dimension. Come hang out, socialize and have fun. We have some folks on throughout the day, mostly early morning (PST) and afternoon-early evening(PST). Many of us work graveyard so you will likely find some of us in game in the middle of the night on weekends as well. We use Discord for voice chat.

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