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Thread: Returning Player looking for casual Guild

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    Default Returning Player looking for casual Guild

    I am thinking about returning to rift full time but I am looking for more social people to enjoy my time with. I Started a new character (primalist) to get me remembering how to play but I have a few lvl 50's as well. I cant commit to raiding as I have a family life outside of gaming. But I do enjoy social gaming and people to chat with.

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    Hi Angyle,

    Grievance can certainly be social. Most of our active players are raiders, but we still have some who prefer not to raid and just socialize in TeamSpeak or through in-game chat. Anyone who has been in the Grievance TeamSpeak knows there are a ton of people from lots of games to socialize and chat with. Please feel free to message me in-game or follow the link in my signature for more information.
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