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Thread: Returning Cleric tank lf Raiding guild

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    Default Returning Cleric tank lf Raiding guild

    Ive been playing rift since beta but took some breaks, after Starfall Prophecy released and got to 70 with no raid released with that expansion i quit. I love to tank its what i enjoy and have been told im pretty good at it. Just lookong for a 2-3 day a week raiding guild. I'm on the east coast but times and days dont matter. Im pretty much available any days or times except mornings. Hit me up if you need a tank that would have 100% raid attendance.

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    Hi Kevink,

    Welcome back to Rift! It seems a bit of raiding content has been added since you played last. It should keep you busy for a while as you gear up and conquer it.

    Grievance is a casual guild that raids, as opposed to a raiding guild that's casual. That is we make having a good time and enjoying comradery priorities when raiding. That doesn't mean we don't get things done, its just we do not stress about getting to the goal.

    Grievance is multi-gaming and we firmly believe RL comes first. If this sounds like a match please look into joining us. More information is at the link in my signature.
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    We're looking for an off-tank for one of our raid groups. Our raid groups tend to run 2 nights per week that usually starts at around 6 pm server time. So if you haven't found a raiding guild already, please let me know.

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