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Thread: <Beard Nation> Mature, Casual. PVE Guild. ( All levels / Classes Welcome)

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    Default <Beard Nation> Mature, Casual. PVE Guild. ( All levels / Classes Welcome)

    Guild Contacts: Novaz@Laethys, Caradra@Laethys

    Who we are:
    Beard Nation was created by a funny little Dwarf by the Name of Shingy back in 2015. Life took him in another direction, and the guild has since been passed down. We are a very mature band of friends from around the world that enjoy hanging out and having fun.
    We had a mass exodus of our members after the Starfall expansion was implemented. We are working to rebuild our numbers so that we can get back to doing dungeons, and raiding. If you are mature, enjoy PvE, Exploring, Questing, and working on achievements, we can help. If you prefer to just hang out in the guild chat while you go off to do your own thing, we support that as well.

    Guild Details
    Guild Name: Beard Nation
    Server: Laethys
    Guild Level: 23
    Guild Size: Currently Small, working to rebuild our numbers.
    Guild Bank: All tabs, Mats, potions, artifacts, gear
    Guild Dimenstion: Caer Kholem, Build is in progress. Contains Bank, Quest Master, All Crafting Stations
    Guild Type: Casual PvE guild focused on questing and helping each other complete achievements

    Level: All Levels Welcome
    Class: All classes welcome
    Skill Level: All skill levels welcome. If you are new to the game, we can help you learn the ropes, and help you achieve your goals.
    Age: We are looking for mature, easygoing players of any age.
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    Do you still exist? I'm stuck at 65 (Rogue 40Phys/36 Tact) and need help. I'm currently in a guild, but they're only in game on raid nights and most of them are level 70 with few exceptions. I play quite a bit (usually on and off all day and part of the night) so I am available most of the time for PvE action. I am also a savant in Apothecary, Butchering and Foraging.

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