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Thread: Returning player LFGuild

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    Default Returning player LFGuild

    I've been out of the game for about a year now. I came back a week or so to see how it looked, and am having fun again. I've been soloing almost exclusively, with the exception of one expert. I've regeared, kind of, hit is to 2025. I'm working on building my new bow, just need the hard mats, so that will increase. Oh yea, I'm a rogue.

    I used to play all roles. Was MT in a raiding guild. Usually high on the dps charts. Heals and support. Right now I've only messed with dps, but I'll pick up the others as I get more used to things. Currently focusing on one build at a time to get it down before I move on to another.
    Plus, getting tank gear now doesn't seem to be as easy vs dps gear.

    I have a semi flexible schedule, as I drive a semi over the road. I can often plan my schedule as I need it. Not always however, as appointment times are not flexible. Currently on greybriar, but I have no issues moving.

    I have a few alts, mainly a 66 cleric that I will eventually push, unless he's needed more. I can be flexible possibly, especially since I'm essentially starting over gear wise on both toons.

    I'm by no means a young person. But I'm easy to get along with and hate drama that involves me lol. It can be fun to watch from a distance ;).

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    Hi Kodar,

    Welcome back to RIFT! I think you would be at home in Grievance. Please follow the link in my signature. If you would like to chat feel free to message me in-game (Uruketo@Wolfsbane).
    Uruketo, 70 Warrior
    <Grievance> Guild Leader
    Defiant - Wolfsbane

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