Yet, another returning RIFT fan. After a long hiatus from MMOs I've refound my love for them. Especially RIFT. I am with the guardians side of things currently, and I don't mind transferring shards as needed. As a matter of fact I want to. Need to be with my peeps.

Bit about me
I'm 42. A senior operator at my place of work of 17yrs. A family man as well. I'm good at being a dad. My husband skills are always in the works of fine tuning yet, I have a passion as a gamer. While my wife does not share that passion I have instilled it into my children a bit. I played RIFT after beta when she first opened up with subscription before F2P. I war with a <Mutiny>, guardian side. We were raid progressive which I enjoyed however, after losing my spot due to work hours I took my hiatus

What I'm looking for
I'm looking for what most folks I believe are in a guild. Like minded individuals with a passion to better themselves and guild mates in these adventures. To be apart of a solid team to hone in our team achievements. A lot has changed in the many years I've been away from RIFT. Meaning I'm probably gonna need advice, guidance, and some direction.

What I offer
A solid all around team mate.