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Thread: LF Causal Raiding Mature Guild - Returning back to the game

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    Default LF Causal Raiding Mature Guild - Returning back to the game


    Just like the title says, I have just returned back into the game and I am looking to enjoy some time with a great guild. A lot has changed within this game, so I am not just looking for some friends but also some guidance and understanding.

    About me and this game:
    I was a beta tester and started this game from the very beginning. I used to be the Raid Leader Coordinator for one of the largest guilds on the Greybriar shard called, Old Timers Guild. I used to coordinated 4x 20 man raids at one time, and provided plans, strategies, along with class guides.

    About me personnel:
    I am a Veteran of the US Army and my MOS was 11B Infantry along with Ranger tab.
    I am currently working as an ITIL Incident and Problem Manager, so I do work long hours, and I live in the EST timezone.
    I have a family, however, my wife and kids are gamers so there is no interruption of my activities on this game.

    What am I looking for:
    I am looking into getting back into this game, and play it for quite some time, so I would like to find a guild that is not just worth my time, but I can provide some assistances to them.
    If you are interested please respond to this thread if you wish to have a good gamer/player join your guild.

    Thank you for your time.
    "Games lubricate the body and the mind." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    Sent you a PM

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    I sent you a PM.
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