Calling all Aspirants!
Join the Order of the Abyss Rising
on the Path to Monkhood!

What exactly IS the Abyss Rising?

The Abyss Rising is a ‘second generation’ re-emergence of the former Abyssals in the form of an Order of Monks. Since lore dictates that the Abyssals were a very loose-knit group, each cell is perceivably pursuing its own agenda. We are NOT hiding the fact that we are an Abyssal Order as we have no hidden agenda of discordance.

The Order operates from their interfaith ‘Monastery of the Abyss Rising’ devoted to Akylios and the worship of all Telara’s gods, located in Gloamwood about 2 miles inland from the coastline. They abide by Common Law, despite being entirely self-serving, and do not have an agenda of domination or destruction.

What is the IC Focus / Goal of the Abyss Rising?

Our agenda: we’re hot on the trail of an enormous, legendary magitech vessel, known as Garuda the Sun-Blotter, as old as time itself capable of traversing all manner of Reality (space, time, planes, inter-dimensional, micro-macroscopic, air/sea) and carry its riders to see wonders never before witnessed. Attached to this plot are many, many subplots in the form of our characters’ intertwining stories as well as Guild Arc Antagonists.

What Do We Offer?

> A long-term Guild Story Arc that each character helps shape.
> Plentiful dimensions built specifically FOR the stories and plotlines.
> A 50/50 blend of In-Game RP and Forum-based RP + supplementary IC items.
> NINE (9) IC non-officer Ranks that everyone can achieve with IC interactions.
> IC rituals, rites, and ceremonies to accompany each of the 9 Ranks.
> Custom-tailored GMed adventures, scenes, dungeons, etc. for YOUR character.
> Customized IC Roles within the Monastery (at Rank 3 you can Build in the Gdim!)
> Serious, mature, engaging, creative, patient players and hella fun stories & toons.

We are we NOT about?

> Being crazy Evil. We are NOT overall Evil. The Guild is Chaotic Neutral! <3
> ERP. Most everyone can appreciate an erotic theme, but it’s for Private channels, yo!
> One Man Shows. Everybody is expected to yield the limelight to each other!
> Inactive Members. Please understand: I expect ACTIVITY at least once every 2 Weeks!

Visit the Website to Apply:
Contact Sygiua or Arnona for more details!