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Thread: Trying to get back in guild Serenity

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    Exclamation Trying to get back in guild Serenity

    I am looking for any player who still has a character in the guild Serenity (even inactive).

    I came back in game 3 weeks ago, and even though the guild still exits (and still on the same shard), I have not been able to find any remaining member of it.
    I was leader before, and initially revived it, I can do that again if needed.

    What I tried so far:
    - Checking my old friends lists: still shows several characters in Serenity, but none active since I came back.
    - Tried periodically a search for Serenity members through the search option of the friends' list (no result so far).
    - Checked the guild's own forum; it no longer exist.
    - The guild is not currently listed in guild search.
    - Made a support ticket; after refusing to give me ANY answer or help, the GM eventually replied that there are still active members in the guild; getting just that answer was like pulling his teeth.
    - Called periodically in chat at various times of day and night for any player with a character in Serenity; no reply to that so far.
    - Sent a message to the player who took over from me (I still had 3 ways to reach him), but he may not be checking the relevant email addresses any more, even though the emails did not bounce.

    What I still have to do:
    I still have a copy of the HTML roster file from when I left, I need to parse it to add every single name to an alt dedicated to this.

    1 former member recognized me, but he is using a new account since he lost access to his old one at some point.

    I invested too much time and efforts, back when I was leader, to give up on trying.
    I made a temporary guild for my characters, until I can contact anyone and join back; I am fine if someone else is leader, but from 3 weeks in chat I very much doubt that there currently is any active members in it.

    Old guild recruitment threads for info:

    I eventually received a reply to my email.
    Basically, Serenity is now a 2 persons guild (him and his wife), both logging in occasionally.
    He has no intention to revive the guild at the moment, therefore I will create a new (and active) version of it.
    This thread can now be closed.
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