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Thread: Lonely mage looking for raidinguild (no hardcore bs pls)

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    Default Lonely mage looking for raidinguild (no hardcore bs pls)

    sup, as title said, i looking for a guild who is going to raid!
    about me: iam 25 years old, like to play videogames and well, the usuall stuff :P
    iam more or less fresh 70, curently on 2050 hit and around 200k dps (dont know where to test my dps propper, tempes bay says 260ish dps) currently iam sitting on my eternal weapons wicket part, i dont have run many dungeons since i want to combine it with the 100 dungeons part for the weapon.
    also i have pretty much everything i need from the shop (more bags, all souls (green loyalty))
    i play on the german server brutwacht wich means i prefer a german guild if it is possible, but any server is fine i guess :P

    what i want from the guild? relaxed ppl who help me improve myself, raiding ofcourse ^^ also it shouldn be a too serious guild, no hardcore progress raid for me, respectfull and helpfull for each other.

    i dont know what else to write so i will stop here and hope that someone reads it :P
    you can contact me at: Svetinya@Brutwacht if you have any question etc
    kind regrats, me
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