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Thread: Returning player. Looking for Guild any shard

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    Default Returning player. Looking for Guild any shard

    Hi all,
    I played Rift at launch and a few times after that as well. I have returned to the game a few days ago and have had a hard time finding a group and getting back into the swing of things. I would really like to find a guild that helps players and also runs dungeons, raids and PvP. I usually play at night EST and currently have a level 55 Cleric and 40 Primalist. Also I am currently on Wolfsbane , but do not mind moving to another shard.

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    We are an up and coming guild on Hailol, with many seasoned players! I would love to have you join our drama free family type guild! We have a lot of fun and we have contests every month! Check out our website@ www.epicinquisition.enjin.com So if you think this is for you whisper me
    Devailah or my other main Devdarrah or check us out on GF! Thank you Devailah
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    Hey kaelaien,

    Welcome back to Rift. We are on the same shard. If you are still looking, feel free to send me or another member of Grievance a whisper.
    Uruketo, 70 Warrior
    <Grievance> Guild Leader
    Defiant - Wolfsbane

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