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Thread: Looking For Guild... NA and any shard

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    Default Looking For Guild... NA and any shard

    Hello all. I need some advice. I have a guild with several members. We are all casual players and get along like family. Here’s the problem. We play at different times due to where we live. Add real life and we hardly ever run into each other but for rare occasions. It can get a bit lonely and while we don’t want to lose touch by moving to other guilds, we have decided we would be open to moving en masse to an established and larger guild with like players. We’ve decided to bring all our guild bank assets, such as they are, to add to our new home. And btw, we have tried recruiting with little success. So any advice or ideas or invitations would be welcomed. Please reply to this post and thanks for reading.


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    Add me to your friends list (Uruketo@Wolfsbane) and message me tonight and/or I will be looking for you. We can chat then and see if we are a match.

    I am generally around 6pm server time.
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    Sorry to hear it, it's rough out there these days.

    My guild has been around since the beginning. We aren't huge, but depending on how you define it, we could actually be the most active guild on Faeblight. We still field enough to do 2 10s on raid night. Do crifting together. And all the usual experts, TD, etc. We are mostly all working adults, that aren't into drama.

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