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Thread: Returning Player looking for Semi-hardcore raiding guild

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    Default Returning Player looking for Semi-hardcore raiding guild

    Basically title. Have been playing and raiding since launch, (GSB, RoS, HK, FT, EE, Mount Sharax, etc.) and am returning to Rift. I just recently hit 70 and am gearing up for raids as soon as possible. Looking for a semi-serious raiding guild (don't necessarily want the bleeding edge of progression) to gear up with, hopefully a guild that is already raiding and is looking for one or two core members (or 1-2 subs).

    Don't have the gear to show off the numbers with now, but I'm a bit of a min-maxer, so except me to be figuring out optimal rotations for pretty much all cleric dps builds. Have also healed (ST & AE) in the past, (I can use all the warden buttons wow :O)

    IGN: Vetheax@Wolfsbane, I'm on quite a bit as I just came back, so shoot me a PM or mail if your guild has a spot for me I'm on Wolfsbane because my last guilds were on this server, am willing to transfer if needed.

    Edit: Found! that was quick :P
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