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Thread: Returning player looking for guild!

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    Default Returning player looking for guild!

    Hey all i'm just coming back after a 6 month or so break, and my guild has died since i've been gone, looking for a semi-casual guild to raid with, do instances with, and just over enjoy the expansion with! I'm a 70 rogue with tank and dps specs, also have a 70 dps cleric, and every other class at 65 i'd be willing to swap to eventually!

    Preferrably looking for a guild on Deepwood, but would consider a transfer if it was the right fit

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    Hi Zojak,

    Welcome back to Rift. I understand the need for a break I took a few months off of Rift myself. Grievance may be a fit for you. We casually raid, hit experts, etc. We used to PvP a lot, but with the current state of PvP in the game, few of us head there now and only when there is nothing else better to do. We like to hang out in TeamSpeak and just chat while hitting up whatever PvE content. Feel free to check us out at the link in my signature.
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