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Thread: The Elders: Recruiting Mature Adults for Laid Back Fun & Medium Core Style Raiding

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    Default The Elders: Recruiting Mature Adults for Laid Back Fun & Medium Core Style Raiding

    The Elders have always been an easy going guild with a relaxed emphasis on helping our fellow guild members and having a good time as we moved forward. Our plan has always been to progress into guild team runs & raids while maintaining a no-pressure, non-elitist, non-hard core approach.

    We believe it is possible to both kick butt in dungeons AND be a fun, friendly, casual type guild.

    We believe there is a middle way between the merely social guilds and the hard-core raiders.

    We believe in "medium-core"

    We are looking for new people who share the same outlook as this guild. People who value long term game friendships, loyalty, support, humor & helpfulness. People who are in for the "long haul" as we work our way together progressing in Rift.

    We are a level cap guild presently working on the 10 person raids with an eye on the 20 person ones. Our sign up raid night is currently on Tuesday. Wednesday evening we do the Crafting Rifts weeklies as a group. These events begin at 5 pm Server Time. Guild Group Runs & Raids are subject to potential changes due to members availability. In casual guild groups may form randomly on subsequent days and/or evenings.

    At this time we are on a special look out for a few active, mature players, who share our outlook on gaming, to help fill out our core raid team.

    As always we, of course, welcome folks of all levels and skills.

    So if you are an adult player with a sense of humor, a dash of patience and a willingness to help a guild continue to succeed - please consider joining The Elders.

    If interested please send a PM to one of us in game

    Doitagain, Zwyla,Toxicmist or Khalisie
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    Guild sounds good to me - I can transfer from another server - but first two questions.

    1. What voice program do you use? One of them keeps crashing my computer and acts more like a virus than a utility - took hours to stop it from running after I uninstalled it.

    2. Is voice required for crifts and ordinary talking to guildmates or just for raids. While not raiding I much prefer typing and being able to listen to the game sounds. I know, odd of me but it takes all types.

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