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Thread: Looking For Pretty Serious Raiding Guild (Returning Player)

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    Default Looking For Pretty Serious Raiding Guild (Returning Player)

    (Chose deepwood but willing to transfer if opportunity arises) Returning player here. I played a dps mage back in vanilla when the single target was like 7 dots being reapplied no macros for that defiler build thing anyways (2nd guild in server to drop hammerknell at the time and 3rd in server for infernal dawn, first to drop that ***** Ituziel). Haven't played since early Rift but I am very competent and am used to high end raiding guilds and the dedication they require. Would love to be part of a core team to take on new raids in Starfall. Hit me up on the forums! I am mature and very intuitive.

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    There arent any raids, let alone raiding guilds, let alone serious gameplay.

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