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Thread: Returning player LF Late Night guild

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    Default Returning player LF Late Night guild

    I am returning player to rift played in each of the expansions for end game raiding. I am currently a level 65 Mage and willing to do any spec usually min/max. I prefer dpsing the most but willing to swap cause its Rift and you have to. I have done both hardcore and casual so not really sure what I want yet but willing for anything.

    My times for raid have to be 8 pm Pacific time or later and only 3 days a week max Monday-Thursday for raids. I do play other times but those are the only times that I could commit for raiding.

    Willing to server transfer and start gearing up and be ready mainly for the new expansion.

    Irvingskyman@deepwood or respond here or pm on website is the best.

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    Default Looking for late night

    We love late nights and we are gearing up for new content! We are a fun casual guild most play late night! Look us up on guild finder Fire n Ice. We would love for you to join out team!!!
    Look for me Devdarrah or anyone of us!!! Love to have you but we are on Laethys! We have fun as we level and learn and we also help you get geared for new content!!!
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