Dust off your goggles and hold onto your hoods, KoM is back and better than before! With a new co-gm and an active, driven story line in place we're busting out of the earth and dusting ourselves off.

Kingdom of Minreal is a guild based out of the plane of earth. It is a minor Kingdom of crystals, as will show in the honor guard's armor and the Kingdom itself. In the past the Kingdom has been through quite a lot. From death plane invasions, to wars against a primal summoner and his cult. To a death dragon seeking to put an end to everything!

This guild is a heavy rp guild with light/casual pve/pvp based on player wants and host weekly rp events for all rpers. Roles within the guild are not officer based, but reflect your character's rp. The guild is level 15 and we have a guild dimension. We also have three bank tabs at the moment as well. We abide by lore and welcome you to apply today! Ooc interviews will be required. You can send us a message through guild finder or whisper Astalia or Lovathos in game. If neither are online just send any guild member a whisper and I'm sure they'll be able to help you out. Thank you for reading and taking an interest in us and enjoy your time in Telara!