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Thread: Smaller Guild Drifting Apart due to Lack of Content ?

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    Default Smaller Guild Drifting Apart due to Lack of Content ?

    If you run a smaller guild that is drifting apart or a mid size guild that is now a smaller guild I would like you to consider a merge into Dol Amroth in Deepwood. Instead of a group of friends drifting away or leaving for several different guilds you can all stay together with us.

    Have you lost your critical raid mass? We have the people to run successful raid teams with a proven track record. We run a very adult schedule in that we don't overwhelm people with 12 hour raid weeks. We run 7.5 hours a week. We do our very best to help those who struggle with specs and mechanics and never call out or embarrass people during a raid. If, as sometimes happens with all guilds, we have to fill a spot or two we have an extensive "friends of Dol Amroth" list to fill from. You will get to know each of our guests so you will never feel you are running with strangers.

    If any of this sounds like an interesting way to keep your friends together please contact me so we can discuss it.

    Guild Leader
    Dol Amroth
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