The Clandestine is a small friendly Roleplay guild with an active player base.
Many players are avid dimension builders and are always happy to offer advice and suggestions (or stand in the way until a tree is planted on them).

With social roleplay most nights, longer running plot lines and events alongside regular diving into Instant Adventures and maybe even dungeons if slackers can be motivated, there is plenty to do.

Guild chat is active and often raucous so please remember to not feed the animals.

The morning mists roll along the Moonshade coastline, dulling the slow rising sun as it falls on the fluttering white sails of the approaching merchant ship. The outpost is busy, bustling with traders and markets, a stopping point for the start of the network of trade routes run and protected by the outpost owner Dannsadh Gealach. Free accommodation and food is offered to any passing traveller needing somewhere safe to rest before they move on; many however find themselves wanting to stay and work for this rapidly expanding trade consortium.

With the bustling port comes the need for people to work and help, guards to protect each business interest, scouts to keep the forests clear of bandits and skilled fighters to defend caravans that can contain everything from the finest silks to the rarest gems and alchemy supplies. Every man and woman needs the skills of the craftsmen; the tailors, alchemists, armoursmiths and farmers.

Her business reputation has spread and there are plenty who would not wish her well, plenty who want to topple this growing business and will always try.... do not think that this land of prosperity is built on a foundation of peace because there is always a war waiting around the corner.

This guild is faction neutral and in turn the outpost is also. It is well known throughout the region that this is the case and that defiants and guardians work together.

People known in the outpost: (names you would know even first time visiting)

Dannsadh Gealach owner a woman in her late twenties who has taken over the Moonshade outpost from her father some three years before. Since then she has negotiated the purchase of two further outposts that have porticulum connections. The first is in Shimmersand and the second in Gloamwood.

Bardulf Fireheart Master Chief A behemoth of a man with a serious countenance who is in charge of the guards across all outposts. This means he is not always within Moonshade but it is currently his part time base.

Arboneth (Abby) Koning - Moonshade Master Chief - Having stepped in temporarily during Bardulf's absence her reputation is spreading far and wide as an excellent tactician and commander of the outpost guards. This has resulted in her appointment to the role becoming permanent.

Taryth Hazan Lead scout renown foul mouthed firecracker who appears young but has a reputation for excelling in tracking and stealth. There were questions about her appointment with her being so young but those quickly died down and respect is growing.

Alyssa Lead gunner Only those that excel in skill and meet Alyssa's exacting standards are allowed to take a step close to the coastal defense guns in place. Known for being utterly unforgiving to most the rumours of kinder behaviour and thoughtful caring gestures are laughed off.

Hudori El'Kernob Healer She has no position of responsibility but is well known around in the communities for acting as midwife, medic and healer to anyone in need.

We do not accept players who are younger than 18 years of age.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

GM: Ghasek
Co-GM: Dancingmoon

Via in-game whispers or mail. You can also find us via the guild-finder.

Please note that we require everyone to submit an application on our site prior to an invite in game but all are welcome to join for RP in our dimensions without a guild membership. We are found nearly every night in O-RP Moonshade outpost under Hudori.