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Thread: Returning Player LF Guild

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    Default Returning Player LF Guild

    Returned to the game about 3 weeks ago, 11 levels later at 61 looking for a guild. Enjoy gaming a few hours a week, be it raiding or advancing in something. Have been playing MMORPG's for over 17 years, so I have seen all aspects of games. Just looking for something with some people who want to group up and do some things, and preferably not be named like Flowers and yogurt, at least something with some subsistence.


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    Default Returning player

    Hi my name is Devailah and we have a new guild growing really fast! We have an awesome core group and we do everything Rift! We love to help you level learn new content and help you gear! Our guild name is Fire n Ice and we are on Laethy's! So if interested whisper me or any member, or guild finder! Hope to welcome you we also have some incentives so come give us a try!!

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