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    Looking for Community of Gamers you can call friends and even home for your void?
    Are you an inspiring Raid Leader pvp/pve officer?

    Hang out and enjoy our community and what we have to offer.

    We encourage competitive play from PVP to PVE Raiding
    Guild events and Raffles with in our own.
    Years of MMO and Leadership experience through out the years.
    We are always looking to grow and give credit where credit is due.
    If you are an inspiring leader or just want to hang out with a group you can someday call friends this is a great start for you.

    We do heavily use Discord and encourage our members to do so as well, Being social and making new friends is what this community is about.

    You can find us here @ https://discord.gg/rQ7XZwU or PM me Tirent000#6599

    Beholder Gaming was founded as a haven for gamers who feel there is more to enjoying the game than having the best gear first or leading server progression. We feel that our community and guild culture are greater than games that come and go, our focus is on not only to find good players, but also good human beings. We have followed this philosophy since the beginning, and we have found that it works. We are always open to invite new members if they are looking for the same interests.

    As a member of our guild you are required to deal respectfully with all other players with in the organization. This entails not lying, stealing, verbally abusing, bullying, or slandering anyone period. You may have your own opinions of other's, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. The guild leadership is available to discus any problems which may arise, but you are expected to remain tactful and polite.

    While there is more to Beholder Gaming than progressions in game, we do strive to succeed in gaming content. We are how ever not a raiding guild or a PVP guild, we are a guild that raids and PvPs. Meaning there is no single focus for our gaming community except being a community that games! During events and raids we handle business in a relaxed yet disciplined manner. We are inclusive of all active members but except those who wish to raid must be willing to follow commands, take criticism when necessary, and be a good team player. Decisions regarding raids will always be made in favor of the whole over the individual. You are expected at all times to exhibit discipline and character when it comes to the business time.

    We are all here for a bit of escapist or to fill our void, entertainment and we ask that our members leave their real life baggage at the login. If you cannot separate the game and reality from one another, we'd prefer you not being logging on. We encourage healthy gaming and with a positive attitude. Real life is always the number one priority, and the we as a guild will always support members in maintaining there obligations and social lives.

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