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Thread: <Valkyrian Descent> Recruiting for Raid Progression!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poriq View Post
    I stopped by the webpage and submitted an app. I did not however get asked at any time for info about myself. just if I was interested in which type of raid, and if i understood discord rules, had a mic, etc... no where to even enter a name before submitting. Did I miss something? My ingame is kissmearse, Preest knows me and can get a response to me. Thank you in advance to any help you can give.

    Also, I noticed early in the post about a possible weekend group, but currently there isnt one. is there any thought still on making one? Thank you again, I think I have narrowed my choices down to yourselves and one other raiding guild to join. Well, going on the assumption that both or even, either of you would have me.

    Main is a War, Lib raid heals main with Chantion back up/secondary. all but 2 frags at 15, those 2 are t4 and t5 so im not in a huge hurry to spend the plat to top them off. Weapon will be max eternal this week (5/6 IROTP) IF I can somehow get 25 particles.
    My apologies for the really late reply as it's been a while since I've checked this thread. I check the guild site on a daily basis, but never saw any applications. You have to register with enjin first before you're able to submit one which may be why it never went through. It's just set up that way on their end. There's not much going on during the weekends as of right now as a lot of people are just burned out with the raid and the game in general, but I'm in the need of some replacements after having to bench a few.

    I have 2 core spots to give away for Bastion of Steel and here's what I expect:
    Dps - 950k+ on the dummy before you step foot into raid. Commander Isiel requires at least that much or it just doesn't happen.

    61 Pyro - Preferable
    61 Warlock - Preferable, but only 1 per raid as Nedra's doesn't stack
    Lochchon - Top dps Archon
    Chlorochon - Raid heals Archon
    Frostkeeper - This is a + if you can play it.

    Every chantion variant (because yay balance)
    Tempest - For the fight/s you can't chantion on.

    Shaman - Too easy to mess up, but I can't always have more than a few melee on every fight.
    Inquisitor - A lot of clerics refuse to play it and or are bad at it so I'll be impressed if you can play it really well.
    Wardacle - In place of Tact/bard as needed.
    Purifier - Good for commander if you can play it well.

    Tank - Also a +

    61 MM - Best ranged/cleave/ST
    61 Nightblade - Best ST + some cleave
    Nb/Sin - I'll hate you if you can only play this spec. It's terrible on everything outside of LFR. Don't use it.
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    Still looking. I'm also looking for a new off tank as well.

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