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Thread: Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!

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    Question Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!

    Abyss Rising is a Mature Heavy RP Guild with an Abyssal Cult cell theme. The guild offers multiple prebuilt dimensions to discover in game via a long-term storyline, a growing list of guild collaborative building projects, 9 IC cultist ranks to climb with IC/OOC tasks to complete (complete with 'quest rewards'!), and the potential for interaction with real antagonist 'NPCs'!

    Faeblight ~ Pacific / Server Time ~ 18+ Adult

    Find out more for yourself at AbyssRising.enjin.com! Or contact Sygiua in game/on the forums!

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    Post [Faeblight] Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!

    Abyss Rising: The Details

    Primary Aspect: Heavy RP Focus executed through IC ranks, occupations, & a long-term GMed plotline to be discovered & influenced by your character(s). (Of course we also engage in PvE content if/when we’re tired of RPing.)

    Guild Level: 2.0 –and rising!

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (All alignments can fit in here!)

    Motto: “Sacrifice, Obedience, Allegiance, Fidelity, Affirmation.”

    Philosophy: “Akylios will reveal himself to those of willing mind. His wondrous Mysteries will guide you to him and his acts of Mayhem will nurture your animus until his genius is visible through the lens of Madness.”

    Disposition: “The will of Akylios is as myriad as the landscape of insanity itself. Let any who wish it come to the River of mysteries and step within. The public must never be shunned or retaliated against due to ignorance, for his followers know greater wisdom than this. Where many see a ‘dragon cult’, we see the ultimate path to the secrets of the universe.”

    Roleplay Premise: While it is undeniably an Abyssal cult cell, the guild does attempt to abide by common law and does not outwardly inflict, nor imply intent of, harm to the community. If anything, they offer speciality shops for procurement of exceptional items and even assist with public works. Though Akylios literature is, of course, always readily available on hand and at times they can be harmlessly zealous about their great Lord.

    The leader of this particular cell, Sygiua, aims to rebrand the idea of the dragon cults vs. the Vigil/civilians/Ascended and the negative rhetoric therein. Her approach involves calm, rational dialogue with the community. Apparently she and her cohorts even seek to close Water Rifts as a show of good faith to Telara’s peoples.

    Brief OOC Description: The guild’s story has us starting off with bolstering our numbers and collecting relics of power. The first step is to build a team with diverse skills & abilities to help find and take back the Domain of Calmarnach Moor. There are five Tenets to follow and a deep plotline ready to be discovered and altered by new members’ stories. The cult theme is conceptualized within 9 achievable non-officer ranks; each rank with several IC/OOC tasks to complete (like a real quest). Each rank awards tangible rewards like achievement related title unlocks and IC costume/appearance items. Every new rank is accompanied by some form of IC ritual, pilgrimage, or ceremony. There’s a growing list of collaborative dim-building projects to discover and even a secretive Deep Council to join.

    Guild Allies: Seeking to create IC allies through RP with individuals, groups, and guilds. You can’t learn all the secrets of Akylios from the outside, but you can always RP with us regardless of your guild membership! We’re also happy to help support other’s plotlines and events in turn.

    Guild Enemies: Open to possibly selectively creating antagonistic relations between individuals/guilds after collaborative discussion. Friendly friction in the story can be fun!

    Brief IC History: The rumors of Sygiua Ilisatra being an Abyssal Tidelord are indeed true and she seeks now to build a team of specialists with which to find and retake the Domain of Calmarnach Moor, the seat of power from which the Tidelord has been separated. The current runs deep in the dark waters of the past and Sygiua’s secret agenda is one of bitter unfinished business that will bring the past to resurface. Those who join her, will have a chance to discover great secrets and powerful tools to further their own ends.

    Are you recruiting: Yes! Complete the interactive IC/OOC application on the guild website. Next, Contact / be contacted by Sygiua and meet IC for the induction RP. If you want to RP with no obligation, let me know and we can arrange a casual situation.

    Any restrictions for the guild: Age Restriction – 18+

    Guardian/Defiant/Both: Both. We’re very inclusive of any characters even remotely supported by lore and a great presentation.

    Guild Website: AbyssRising.enjin.com

    Contact the GL: Sygiua

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    Exclamation [Faeblight] Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!

    *The advertisement read on as the reader unfurled the scroll:*

    For the purpose of traversing great expanses of Land, Sea, Planes, & Sky, Lady Ilisatra seeks to compose a team of dedicated, trained (or trainable) tradesmen, academicians, magi, tacticians, and more.

    Together, the team will execute a long-term plan to find the location of a lost Domain on an island somewhere in Telaran seas. Once found, they must take the island back from any force inhabiting it and unlock the towers of the Domain of Calmarnach Moor.

    Within, the team will have access to the first tier of needed instruments and equipment necessary to unravel the fable of Garuda. Whatever it is, the team will recover it and share in the spoils of their bounty.

    Employees receive competitive wages and bonus incentives, as well as free health services, legal services, boarding, meals & access to research/training facilities.

    Armaments Captain
    Skills: Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Combat Tactician
    Duties: Forge and repair all types of weapons & armor in all styles and varieties. As needed and available, respond to personnel’s needs for made-to-order designs & stock the armory with all necessary wartime resources. Experience with combat tactics of any discipline or style. Organize the stocking of the major hubs and safe houses, including the flagship, with weaponry, ammunition, and armor.

    Acquisitions Chief
    Skills: Master of Felonious Procurement, Locksmith, Commodity Fence
    Duties: Mastered the art of the sleight-of-hand, lock picking/code cracking and either is, or possesses access to, a Fence for ‘hot’ items. As needed and available, fence certain manners of ‘acquired’ goods for personnel (or direct them to said Fence) & act as a consult when unlocking items/chests or code breaking magitech items. When profane or illegal reagents and items are needed, this should prove an easy task for the Chief.

    Magitech Technician
    Skills: Master of Magitechnological Operation, Creation, & Repair
    Duties: Possess comprehensive knowledge of Sourcestone, Magitech, and Empyrean technology including how to repair, create, and/or operate. As needed and available, direct personnel in the field or act as a consult when dealing with technology. When at sea, help maintain magitech warships and her weaponry. Continue to improve personnel emergency readiness and emergency defence response, when and where applicable.

    Planar Specialist
    Skills: Adept in Planar Magic, Dimensional Travel, Hexes & Curses
    Duties: Possess comprehensive knowledge of the Planes, schools of planar magic and Dimensional tears. As needed and available, direct personnel in the field when encountering rifts, interdimensional portals, planar doorways, foreign teleporters, and other magitechnological objects. When possible, aide in the removal or curing of hexes/curses from items and personnel.

    Skills: Expert in Artifacts, World History/Religions, Languages
    Duties: Possess comprehensive knowledge of the spectrums of artifacts. Direct personnel or act as a consult in experiments and cataloguing artifacts found. Possess knowledge of the Vigil’s gods, Ancestral worship, & Telaran religious practices. Act as a consult to religious artifacts found and translate/decipher books & scrolls in ancient languages.

    Morale Maven
    Skills: Culinary Master, Barkeep, Bard
    Duties: When spirits are low or high, be ready to support the mood suitably. Possess knowledge of beverages from diverse cultures. Possess culinary knowledge to accommodate diets of all races and organize the kitchen’s staff with menus of nutritious & varied dishes that appeal to all present cultures and palates. Contribute to improving morale by writing epic poems & songs about the experiences and ventures with your personnel or reciting classics to inspire others.

    Skills: Medical Science, Magical Healing, Alchemy/Apothecary
    Duties: As needed and available, provide Basic to Advanced medical care to injuries, illnesses, diseases, and other conditions sustained by Ascended and Mortal personnel. Possesses the ability, with medical science and/or magic, to heal still-living subjects. Perform trauma surgery upon still-living or resurrect via Ethian technology a deceased subject. Possess the ability to convince potentially unwilling personnel to attend monthly check-ups.

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    Lightbulb [Faeblight] Abyss Rising: Heavy RP Guild is Recruiting!

    Calling all Masters of their craft!
    Come chase the legends of the cosmos
    and vessels that bear one therein!
    Allegiance to Akylios encouraged but not required!
    Inquire today for full or part time positions!

    April approaches and many positions remain unfilled by persons of skill and ability. Instead I am reduced to employing a great many Boglings. Helpful as they are, I do not speak Boglish and they do not know anything about magitech, astronomy, or sailing. If you or someone you know seeks steady work, the Order I represent offers generous benefits and competitive pay.

    The current objective at hand is assembling a team to delve into the White Wood Cavern to retrieve the needed key for the mission’s progression.

    To submit yourself for any position,
    send word by post to Lady Sygiua Ilisatra.

    Complete the application at Abyss.Rising.enjin.com

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    Exclamation 4/19 @ 7PM PST "The Night of Sacrifice" Event Tonight!

    The Night of Sacrifice
    THEME: Better off RED!
    WHEN: Wednesday April 19th @ 7:00PM PST (Server)
    WHERE: Abyss Rising Monastery (Guild Dimension)
    WHO: Abyss Rising guild, hosted by Lady Sygiua

    Event Itinerary:
    Night of Sacrifice event begins at 7:00PM.
    Sacrificial Ceremony begins at 7:30PM SHARP.
    Celebratory Supper will be served at ~8:30 / 9:00PM.

    Day after day, month after month, year after year, mortals find it easy to forget their patron gods and goddesses, ever complaining and begging for more. Now it is time to devote an evening to each of our own patron deities, whoever that may be for you, and offer our gratitude for the bounties of our rich lives! Join us at the Abyss Rising Monastery to pay homage to your gods or goddesses or whatever path you follow.

    Worshippers of any Telaran faiths may join us, including worshippers of:

    ~ Divine Vigil ~ Dragon Gods ~ Ancestral Worship ~ Lords of the Fae ~ Bogling Gods ~ Bomani Holy Moon ~
    ~ Cosmic Rhinoceros ~ Energy of the Six Planes ~ Belief in the Arcane / Sciences / Philosophy / Alchemy / Sourcestone ~
    And many more faiths, religions, philosophies, and ways of life!

    Bring any item at all that you wish to offer to the monastery’s altar. Whether it be by sacrificing a percentage of this month’s earnings, or by giving harvested grains back to the waters, or by giving up a weakness within you to the strength of your future self, the sacrificial waters accept all manner of offering.

    While this is an inherently darker theme, allowing for potentially macabre concepts, we’re going to keep this evening’s events PG-13 and comfortable for mixed audiences and the public.

    Offerings must be non-living (or dead upon arrival for animals) & no humanoid sacrifices will be accepted.

    *** If you wish to make a Dark Sacrifice (living, unwilling, etc), please contact me via Tell or PM to set up a privately hosted event for you (and whatever private audience you desire). Details of desired scenes are open to discussion and some NPCs can be provided.

    The Night’s Theme: Better off RED!
    On this Night of Sacrifice, everyone is encouraged to deck themselves head to toe in Red ceremonial garb. Time to don your Wednesday Best for the worship ceremony! Dig up your most eccentric robes and a wild hat, hell find that feather boa, why not! Dress the part and come on out to enjoy yourself. (It is recommended that attendees who wish to make use of the public Hostel and stay overnight bring a change of clothes, if desired.)

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    Thumbs up Night of Sacrifice: Success!

    Telara, the great bridge between all planes of existence and element, stirred on an alchemical level as thanksgiving was shared. While mystery undoubtedly surrounded the foreboding “Night of Sacrifice”, attendees would find it an experience that fostered outward diversity and inward introspection.

    (Humble thanks to all who attended! It was an awesome event and I hope to offer a similarly structured event again with regularity given the positive reception. I also have a few other things up my sleeves! Thanks again for braving the modest Night of Sacrifice! See you again soon!)

    (Sceenshot courtesy of Clemente)

    (Sceenshot courtesy of Clemente)

    (Sceenshot courtesy of Clemente)

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    Default White Wood Cavern RP Adventure (Abyss Rising)

    Within the White Wood Cavern lies the key to my great Domain. And when I am returned to power, I will reward those who have helped me along the way. Do you dare to join me in the Cavern none have returned from--including my own personal guard, Lachtha? I am confident we will find my guard and all return alive and well. Our sanity, however, is another matter...

    The tundra of Iron Pine Peak is freezing this far North, best to dress warm and pack heavy. You must bring your own weapons, supplies, and provisions. Some general items will be available in the adventure party. Whatever we can expect within remains a mystery. Suffice it to say, we will be tested physically and mentally by the Cavern's trials. It is not for children, the infirm, or the faint of heart.

    Event Date/Time: Wednesday 31 May @7:00PM PST (Server)

    Expected Completion Time: 2 Hours (3 Maximum - Time dependent on attendance)

    Encounters: 3-5 Rooms; RP decisions to progress; Combat with 5-10 Foes

    Content Rated: 18+ Mature not gruesome; some blood, mature themes

    Performance Issues: Many particle effects, lighting effects, textures, and other elements may not display properly. I apologize. I really try to equalize and compensate for both high and low performance machines. <3 If Darkness is an issue on your machine, (or your eyes when reading), prepare by turning that brightness up a tick for an evening!

    Combat Roll Procedure: Single Pass/Fail d10 Attacker Roll (1-5 Fail / 6-10 Pass). So whoever makes the action rolls "/roll 10" to determine in real time the outcome of the action -- then the Defender can both react and counter attack in the same emote, repeating the process. For Boss encounters, players will roll in order and the Boss will react to all attacks at once before retaliating. It may feel weird at first but it saves us hella time and ultimately helps with fluidity! You'll like it!

    The map below represents the known layout of the White Wood Cavern.

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    Exclamation 5/31 @7PM PST White Wood Cavern - RP Adventure Event


    When the day came to traverse the tundra to the place indicated by a leader of some adventure party, the snow would feel colder than usual for the season. The map was crude that led the way to the White Wood Cavern, a place no one but this ‘Tidelord’ had ever heard of. It lie in the highest, coldest, most difficult to reach peaks of the Iron Pine Peaks, far north of where most charted maps would guide an adventurer. The entrance was easily missed in the blowing winds and near-treeless ridges; a small crevice that dropped down perhaps fifty feet to a hidden crevasse. There was a rope already secured and frosted over, but ready to bear an adventurer down to the windless darkness below.

    As one repelled down, they would find the flicker of campfire greeted them, casting grim shadows on the glacial walls. Here there stood a figure, shivering in heavy furs as they waited by the fire. It was a young Kelari woman who looked up as she threw another log onto the fire; was this the leader of the supposed ‘suicide mission’ into this Cavern? It must be, for who else would wait here in this frozen hell…

    On Wednesday 31 May at 7:00 PM, the doors of the White Wood Cavern will open for the adventure party and then close forever, locking all inside for one evening of trials, tribulation, and triumph. Don’t miss your one and only chance to experience the White Wood Cavern’s horrors and emerge among the victorious…or rest eternally with the defeated.

    RSVP is appreciated if you intend to attend. If you have RSVPed already, it’s doubly helpful to me to remind me as I build our roster and begin the final stages of plotting. Don’t be shy if you want to RSVP but then can’t come if something comes up. Hit me up in a PM or via a reply to this thread. See you at 7PM on the 31st!

    Sygiua Ilisatra
    Abyss Rising

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