Who are we?
Eternal Souls and we are recruiting core raiders for T2 Progression and gearing for T3 content

Due to life issues we have lost some raiders sadly but these things happen from time to time and we wish them the all the best.

Current Progress
Currently we are 5/11 HK, 4/4 IGP, 1/4 HM IGP.

When do we raid?
Raid Days/Times: Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun 4:00-6:30 Server Time

The Plan going forward
We are looking to move away from a casual raid group to a semi-hardcore environment. Now with that being said I shall explain what we mean by that

Key Points For Raiding!
1) Show up for raid (we understand life happens though but make your best effort)
2) Have Viable raid specs (1 trick ponys wont cut it sorry, but we will help you learn specs and give you a chance if you show effort)
3) Bring your own consumables (we aren't your parents bringing your lunch for you)
4) Do not stand in bad and be able to follow mechanics
5) Have Focus for Raid

These arent hard or complicated rules by any means.

What Classes do we need currently?

Rogue: Low (Will consider good player though)
Mage: High Need (Dedicated Archon would be lovely)
Warrior: High
Cleric: Medium (Need Multi Spec Clerics
Primalist: High (currently we have zero for raid)

Who to contact?