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Thread: Looking for a Swedish/Scandinavian guild (All PvE servers)

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    Default Looking for a Swedish/Scandinavian guild (All PvE servers)

    Hi there!

    Im on the Gelidra server at the moment, but i dont care on which one i play as long it is a PvE server. So this goes out to all English EU PvE servers

    Anyway....I have tried to asking in the in game chat, but either im asking on the wrong time of day or most of my countrymen have decided to quit playing Rift

    So im gonna try here. Im looking for a friendly and active Swedish guild. A scandinavian guild works as well, though i prefer a Swedish one.

    Thanks for your time and have a nice weekend!

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    A little late to the party.. Just noticed it was from 2016. Nevermind me.


    If any swedish people still wander around - Syphus Gaming. Swedish guild. We're back in Rift, 2017!
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