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Thread: <Nephilim> 6/11 - Recruiting Solid Raiders

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    Thumbs up <Nephilim> 6/11 - Recruiting Solid Raiders

    About Nephilim
    We've been a staple in the Raiding Community since Launch and ranked in the 4th NA for the last tier of content. We're looking to keep competitive with the other 9 hour a week guilds. We have a awesome group of friends, pvpers and raiders alike who enjoy downing bosses at a quick pace without all the drama of a hardcore environment. We do more than just raid, we constantly have members hanging out in TS, monthly PvP Tournaments and Poker Nights.

    Through a long progression on Zilas we've lost a few core raiders of ours due to burn out and the fact we are progressing on HK again. We are looking to gain a few raiders that ****ing love progression.

    *We are opening up our progression to players of any class/role. To see the specific needs scroll down.

    One unique attribute of Nephilim is that we keep lighter on top, with officers than most guilds and seek input from our core raiders. We've gone away with class leads, but instead rely on the CRs to share new rotations/specs to ensure competitive numbers across the class. We strive to keep a maximum of 20 Core Raiders.

    Core Raider Requirements
    >Able to use TS, we don't require you to talk but we need you in it during raid
    >Good at mechanics, quick learning curve
    >Top Notch Effort
    >1200+ hit
    >Exquisite Runes + Rep done
    >BiS or close to it Source/Sigil

    Clerics - 1 Any role
    Rogues - 1 Any role
    Warriors - FULL
    Mages - 1 Any role besides Chloro/Chon

    Loot System:
    Loot Council on weapons/relics upgrades We have tried various loot systems from DKP to EPGP and have found Loot Council when used correctly as the most effective way to distribute weapons/relics in order to progress.

    We use a modified EPGP system for all the rest of the "gear" which in a nut shell you gain Effort Points for showing up to raid, bonus points for progression. You gain Gear Points for obtaining gear. The combination of those two points equals your priority. The EPGP system prevents hording and encourages you to spent your points when you have the chance to.

    Raid Times:
    Mon/Wed/Thurs 6:00 - 9:00 Server Farm + Progression
    Sunday 5:00 - 9:00 Server T1 Clear PDKP Style

    Nightmare Tide
    7/11 HK

    NA 5th Zilas

    NA 3rd Vlad

    Currently sitting NA 4th, thanks to Top of Rift

    3/3 TF (Crucia NA 4th)
    5/5 Mount Sharax (NA 6th)

    Team Belgium = 4/4 RoF
    Team Murica = 4/4 RoF Conq
    Its like the world cup all over again..

    Application Process
    The application process is quick and painless. We'll see how you do in raid and in a 3 week period you'll be put into your appropriate rank. We have high expectations for our Core Raiders, but if your new to raiding we have other ranks available till you can fulfill the duties of a CR.

    You may apply directly to Nephilim.guildlaunch.com or send a tell a officer below.

    Spoonsniper - GM
    Discolemonaid - Officer
    Coffeejelly - Raid Lead

    Feel free to hop in our TS if you have any questions. Neph.teamspeak3.com
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    Bump - still looking for non-warrior raiders with at least 1200+ hit.

    Vlad was a one shot, looking to kill grug monday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poonsniper View Post
    Vlad was a one shot
    My kind of one shot or just one shot?
    Kalygos - Kallyh
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