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Thread: Random Aggression Now recruting all Raiders PVPers and PvE players

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    Default Random Aggression Now recruting all Raiders PVPers and PvE players

    Quick summery:

    Random Aggression is a level 27 guild and we have all the guild perks (Well the ones that are worth getting.) We have a mixture of players from all over the globe. There is always players on at all times of the day and usually more than 10 on at a time. Random Aggression has been formed since the beginning of Rift and are still going strong. We are now looking for players of all levels just no elitist.

    Mission Statement:

    We try to excel at everything that is being thrown into the game. Random Aggression is a drama free and friendly guild. We help out all of our Guildmates with whatever they are needing from crafting gear to help them progress to even helping them level by doing dungeons, helping them with quests they are stuck on and more.

    Current Goals:

    Our main goals right now is to get more people and start doing more Nightmare Tide level Raids but there isnít currently enough players that are geared enough to heavily do them. We currently have plenty of level 65 players that like to group up and do NTE runs. Random aggression is also looking to increase our member base so we can do raids throughout specific times of the day or when people are available.

    Who we are looking for:

    We accept all players of all levels. We just have a naming policy as long your name isnít anything inappropriate or immature we will be more than happy to have you join our guild. Random Aggression does not accept elitist.

    Applying to the guild:

    To apply just simply look us up on the guild finder and tell us more about yourself. You can also send Yamajr@Deepwood an in game message or in game mail if you would like more information about the guild. If you are currently on a different shard and would like more information just reply to this post and we will help you out.

    Guild Website:



    Whatís your current PVP status?

    There are some members that PvP but most of the usual PvPers are waiting for Trion to adjust balance in WFs so PvP specs are once again feasible and gear progression is obtainable at the same ease as PvE progression.

    What if Iím not always online or decide to no longer play?

    It is fine if youíre not on all the time as we do understand that real life is more important than playing. We ask that you be on at least a couple times a week. If you join and donít login for 30 days after joining we will not be hesitant to kick you without any notice. If you remain active usually seven to ten days after joining and progress through the levels we will promote you to Member rank which will make you an official member of Random Aggression. Only way to get demoted is if you log off for 30 or more days and you will be demoted to the inactive status you will be promoted back to member rank if you remain active again.

    Whatís your current Raiding schedule?

    We currently donít have set times or days we do our raiding as there isnít enough members that are raid ready or are currently interested in raiding. Once more members become active, geared and interested we will use our website forums to form raid groups and set up times on there. We also utilize the BiS Calendar addon to help schedule all our raids or other events that we do in the guild if they arenít posted on our guild forums.

    How do I get promoted in the guild?
    Guild ranks are not a very large role for RA. All new members start off as a recruit. If you remain active for seven to ten days you will be promoted to Member rank. For getting promoted beyond the rank of Member just remain active for an extended period of time and help out the guild and other Guildmates with whatever you can offer either it being crafting some gear or helping them get through a quest. The only main difference for higher ranks is the daily withdraws from the guild vault.

    What if Iím a new player to the game will you help me out?

    Of course we will. If youíre a new player or a returning player we will help you out with any question you may have. All of our Senior Members are very knowledgeable of all current game content. Just ask and we will help out the best we can. We have many guides on our guild forums for being new to the game these could help answer some questions you might have as well.

    What kind of players are you looking for right now?
    We are still looking for all players of all levels who are wanting to join a guild. We are also currently looking for players who are raid ready and wanting to progress through the raids and eventually start completeing them, We currently don't have a set raid time setup as of right now but once we get more players who are raid ready we will setup a time that will work around everyones sechdule.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to reply to this thread or send a in game mail to Yamajr@deepwood.
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