4/4 Rhen of Fate Looking for players who are well mannered, willing to learn, and flexible.
Peak times on weekends Fri / Sat / Sun 6:30-8:30 server time!
Pst for more information blakehavok@hailol, always happy to answer questions.

Looking to start a second group for Rhen of Fate. We currently pug Mount Sharax for Jino Progressions. I'd like to really expand the guild in order to see T2 content as soon as possible.

We need cleric's and mages who can perform in a raid environment and do mechanics. We have a core group and will attempt to build upon building our second group to be as good as our core. I don't want to be a guild where we have 4/4 first group and 1/4 second group. I want both groups to be equally proficient in doing mechanics, hps/dps checks and having tanks who can perform. We don't mind teaching people how to play better or more efficiently with specs and/or mechanics. Positive attitudes always help any situation. New recruits won't necessarily have a spot with raiding immediately. Chemistry isn't just another guild, We are a community.

Addons Requires KBM, Mumble ( voIP ) , BisCal. We use MS / OS loot.