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Thread: Mage lvl 65 Looking for Guild Raiding *DPS* 900 hit

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    Talking Mage lvl 65 Looking for Guild Raiding *DPS* 900 hit

    Hi All,

    My in game name is Frozenstill,

    I'm looking for a Guild to call home in Rift. I'm Currently lvl 65 and I ran a Pyro Mage.

    I'm a ok player but hopefully with some guidence I can become a good one

    Please let me know if I would be applicable for your guild if you need more information please contact me.

    Kind Regards,

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    PM sent! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Be assured that these bloated carcasses that litter my path belong not to mine own enemies, but are in fact the fleshy bindings of those companions who travel with me. *Kaysis saunters off, grinning hugely, while yet another companionís lifeless body falls to the ground*
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