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Thread: Looking for a merger

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    Default Looking for a merger

    <Epidemic> is looking for another small guild to merge with (we're looking for someone to merge into us). We are not looking to merge into a larger guild in order to pad their raiding numbers, nor are we looking for a similar sized guild to have us merge into. We currently have a group of 13-14 players who are raid ready. We will however consider a possible alliance with another guild who has the same raiding philosophy and culture as we do.


    3/4 RoF (progressing on 4th boss)
    1/5 MS (needing more dps to try second boss)

    Currently the guild runs Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 PM PST.

    We will want to speak with potential guilds in order to make sure guilds will mesh. If you are interested in speaking with a GM or officer about a possible merger please talk to one of the following people:

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    House of Pain Rebooted may consider this merger but we want to stay on greybriar... so hit juicykisses or maceing up and we can sit down and possibely see where we can come to a agreement we have 1 10man group Fri and Sun raid days but we can possiblely adjust we are part of a multi alliance group as well from a few other servers... look forward to hearing from you


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    I'm in a similar size guild with the same raid times, but we're in the same boat on preferring to be merged into. Contact Agravain@Hailol if you'd like to discuss potential collusion, if anything.

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    To The troll that is privately messaging the people interested in a merge/alliance with us claiming that we are not 1/5. We had 90% of the total people there when we killed Bulf. Do we still pug him weekly? absolutely, hence we're looking for more people for our 20 man. You were in the guild and are bad mouthing us in private. Good for you? I have a feeling I know who you are, and honestly, you were no big loss. I'm glad you're trying to bad mouth us tho. Keep it up, anyone who actually has run with us before knows us and what we're about.

    That is all.
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