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Thread: Experienced Player - In need of a home.

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    Default Experienced Player - In need of a home.

    Evening all.

    I've just returned to the game after a 2 month break.
    Before my break occurred I had a few issues with the Guild I was Officer in and decided to call it a day and left. Also, moved Shards in order to start a fresh.

    Thankfully I've got back in game now and have just started making my way through the new 3.0 content.

    So here's where I'm at. I'm an experienced player, started back in 2011 and pretty much stuck with it, I've got a horrific /played on my warrior, it sickens me every time I look at it! I've decided to leave my pre-3.0 main behind and start a fresh with a fresh character, a Cleric.

    I've just hit Lv.63, with hopes to be 65 by the weekend. (I've got a very busy week at work this week and finding the hours to play is proving very difficult)

    Before 3.0, I was mainly a PvP focused player, I've got 3 characters at p90, all in Myrm and was working on relics across the board. I did however spend most evening Raiding on my Rogue in order to keep pushing forward with PvE content (as I believe it's important to explore all aspects to a game in order to say you 'play' it) - Now that 3.0 is upon us and we no longer have a real split set of gear, it's going to be a lot easier for us all to enjoy both aspects without having to juggle 101 pieces of gear, I won't say I'm entirely for the merge of gear, but it's happened and we've got to make the best of the hand we've been dealt!

    I'm looking for a guild that's laid back, likes progress but doesn't have strict demands. I'm a father to two little ones and a wife that craves attention from time to time, so it's very important that the Guild is flexible, or allows it's members to be flexible. I'm not looking for a hardcore raiding guild, because that's just not my thing. But I am looking for a place that pushes for deep content and does well with progression, it'd also be a bonus if the Guild or a decent handful of Guild Members enjoyed PvP.

    The Guild must be mature, preferably with an 18+ rule, but I appreciate it's hard to put an age restriction on a Guild when all you can see is the player's Character and not their face, But as long as there's no petty squabbles all evening then it's all good.

    Once I reach Level 65 my main spec is going to be Inquis for both PvE and PvP, although I will have all current raiding specs logged and understood in case I am required to play other roles. Pre-3.0 as a Rogue I played mainly Phys so I have got the edge on healing.

    If you want any more information, feel free to PM me in-game, or of course leave a comment here. My wife also plays (very casually) but she'll be at Lv.65 roughly at the same time I will be, a social spot for her would be necessary.

    Thanks a lot guys,
    Hope for some feedback!
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    Grievance is a 18+ guild. We are a social family like guild. We do have casual to dedicated players and raiders. We do have a Warlord that is in charge of all PVP related things. We even occassionally have PVP related events. Your wife would be welcome also. She would need to apply the same as you would, should you be interested in Grievance.
    We are an active guild, with as many as 60 people online at a time, during our peaks.

    Please check us out at www.grievancegaming.org.
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