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Thread: <The Gauntlet>Level 25 RP/PvP Guild. Active raiding. Accepting all levels

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    Default <The Gauntlet>Level 25 RP/PvP Guild. Active raiding. Accepting all levels

    The Gauntlet needs YOU! We are one of the most established and respected guilds on Faeblight looking for players of all levels, classes, factions and interest. We are a lawful-good(Doesn't mean YOU can't make things interesting if your character is more on the evil side. Diversity is good!) Guild with a military concept. Our foundation is RP/PvP but we are active in all aspects in Rift.

    Everyone in our ranks shares in ownership from day one in the guild and are encouraged to share ideas and voice opinions. We're a laid back group, no micromanaging GL, yet help is only a question a way if you need it. For those of you that have creative ideas and vision of what a guild can be, every member decides their own involvement and all promotions are based on merit, not politics or if the GL "likes" you or not. Ideas, creativity, skill and helpfulness are the factors that decide your place.

    So if you think you have what it takes......If you thirst for Glory......Send a guild finder message, PST Ozymadius or contact any member online and join us today. Your spot is ready. Glory to The Gauntlet!!!

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