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Thread: War temp/champ mage alt pyro/chloro looking for guild any shard

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    Default War temp/champ mage alt pyro/chloro looking for guild any shard

    Hi there. Currently in a progression guild but it is all but dead. Did manage to clear tdq/idh numerous times, but never had the guild attendance to the 20 mans. I have been able to get a crucial kill on PUG's, but thats about it. Warrior is almost solely T1 geared. Mage is alt, expert gear (not that it matters much with 3.0 gear reset). I'm looking for a guild that does regular scheduled raids and has a good attendance rate. I'm not super hardcore that it's illegal to miss 1 raid, as real life always happens. At same time its a PITA trying to do 20 man's and only have 5 guildies show up. I usually play 7 days a week. Sun-wed, 8pm-11pm central, available all day thur, fri, sat. I'd like a dedicated guild that has a permanent raid day on thur, fri, or sat. I can raid any other day of the week as long as its 8pm central or later, but its just easier on days I don't work. I'm newish to heals on alt so would prefer to be a backup on that until I get more experience. My alt mage does about equal DPS to my main war with far less gear, so I'm relatively good on DPS either way for my gear level. I'd like to hit the ground running in 3.0 and not have to try and PUG the raids every week when guild guys decide not to show up. I usually check the forums daily even while at work so easiest way to contact will be by PM here. Thanks.

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    sent you a pm here

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