"Vigilat Vesani"
Loosely translated from English to Latin, it means "Sleepless Madmen".
This is because we are a tight knit and small family of highly active Rift players, who play all hours of the day, and work both in and out of game tirelessly for our members. We keep a casual attitude, and an open ear to even the freshest of our recruits. No one is looked down on or made fun of for asking questions here, as we believe that the only dumb question, is the one you DON'T ask!
A lot of us came from other guilds and decided that we were tired of packed rosters, but dead guild chat and community. Our goal is to change that, and to have the other folks on Faeblight witness (and admire) what teamwork and camaraderie can really do for a guild.
In a month and a half of existence we have managed to obtain 3/4 bank tabs, a VERY nicely designed and cozy guild dimension, and several maxed perks that will make your levelling and general game experience much less painless than if you decided to make a go of it alone. We are only improving and getting stronger as a family.
V.V. refuses to tolerate players that don't (at least moderately) participate in guild activities and discussions. We hold the belief that guild perks earned by active and participatory players should not be enjoyed by people who treat this as a single player game.
Trion geared Rift VERY specifically to be a social game, with many, many rewards and benefits for taking advantage of that community mindset!
As of this week, We have a guild website that is fully functional, and is continually being worked on (suggestions are VERY much appreciated). Feel free to check it out:


You can register through the site, though we prefer you log in and contact one of our members or officers for recruitment, as we'd like to talk to you personally and find out exactly what it is you expect from us, and your time in Rift!
Look for Gravewrought, Syckrhythmz, MLGHeals, Halluxmax, Aurike, or Ternick in game!
We look forward to meeting you!